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Payment Settings (Mollie)

Make sure that you own the Multi Product Order Form 2 - Mollie in order to use these documentation.

Setting the Mollie is really easy actually. Our system supports Mollie.

Getting Started

Let's get started.

Mollie API Key

Please locate your Mollie Dashboard and under the Developers Menu, click API Keys menu and copy your Mollie API key (Live Key).

Settings on MPOF2

Login to your admin panel, locate Settings Menu, and edit the Payment Settings. Enter your API key, also enter a currency code (3 letter ISO code) according to support documentation of Mollie, so if you want to handle USD payments, put there USD; if you want to handle Turkish Liras; put TRY... Check here to list of currencies.

Please do not forget to enable the Mollie, otherwise system WILL NOT display Mollie Payment box in Payment pages.

Order Cancelling

If you enable this option. Your clients will be able to cancel their orders on Payment pages.
If it is enabled, your clients can easily click the Cancel Order button and cancel their orders immediately. 

If you disable this option, system WILL NOT display Cancel Order box in Payment pages.

Other Features
Last Updated: 25 Jan 2023