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Thank you for purchasing Rimtay Online!
Self-hosted fast visitor tracking system...

If you need help with basic things like FTP and other stuff, please see this page.

Installing is so simple. Just upload the rimonline folder to your site with FTP.

After that, add this code below to bottom of your website. It's like adding Google Analytics code! So simple.

<script src="https://example.com/rimonline/rimonline.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var element_id = "rim_online";
var identifier = "username";

Don't forget to change https://example.com with your website.

Activating the System & Changing Settings
When the system is first installed, it needs to be activated. For that, you need to get your Envato Purchase Code. Please get that ready.
  • Open the browser and go to your Rimtay Online Installation Folder (i.e. https://example.com/rimonline)
  • You should log in to the system. Default credentials are (Username: admin, Password: rimtay)
  • Since the system is not activated, you'll see Settings page. You can put your purchase code here and make some settings like timeout and admin credentials.
  • All is done!

Heavy Load
If you have more than 60-70 visitors online at the moment, you must enable the Heavy Load setting on your Settings page.
This will disable Location settings and improve the system with improved cache and other settings. You should also set your timeout more than 60.

Display Visitors in Your Website
If you want to display active, online visitors you can add this code anywhere you want on your website.
<span id="rim_online">44</span>

Need Support?
Open a support ticket from here! If you didn't receive an email, you can check this answer.
Please read this answer before submitting a request.