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Branding Software

For default, our system is branded with Rimtay logo and titles. But you can rebrand everything easily from your admin panel.

Just log-in to your admin panel and follow the steps below.

Site Name

Site name will be used on mail signatures and web titles. As well as some other places like payment details etc. So it is recommended to change that firstly. 

In order to change your Site Name, locate to Settings > Site Name put your Site Name to the input and hit Save. That's all :)


The branding will be used to add your own copyright texts to footer as well as your logo on your order form. These details will be used on all over the order form and mails that sent by the order form. So it is also highly recommended to change those.

In order to change your Branding, locate to Settings > Branding customize it as you wish and hit Save. That's all :)

Site Logo - You can upload your logo as your needs. The system will do its best to display it perfectly both on mails and order form. But it is recommended that you compress the image for fast page reloads. Recommended size is: 300x100px

Logo URL - By default MPOF2 will redirect people to the order from home page if they click to the logo on order form. But if you want to change that behavior (i.e. locate them to your main site etc.) you can do that by placing an URL here. If you leave empty, the default behavior will work and people will be sent to the order from home page.

Footer Text - Footer text is a text that will be used both on order form and mails that are sent. You can customize this one as you wish, you can also use HTML. An example footer text is below.

<a href="https://example.com/" target="_blank">Main Sitea> - All Rights Are Reserved ┬ę 2023 - <a href="https://example.com/tos" target="_blank">Terms of

Last Updated: 25 Jan 2023