Rimtay Support
We have extra plugins that can work with MPOF2. You can order them if you need them by opening a ticket.
Plugin installations are effortless, upload them to the designated directory, and MPOF2 Core will install them as soon as you log in to your admin dashboard. You can enable/disable and manage all plugins from the admin panel with ease.

- An Excel Exporter plugin so you can export the orders within a date range per status and product. This plugin also supports extracting custom fields to separate columns. We also support you in changing the structure of Excel files. This plugin exports real Excel files, so they are not plain CSV files you see on the internet; they are colorful and well-formatted.

- An Auto Locker for MPOF2 disables the ordering process for a period of time. For example, if you need to close the order form from Monday to Tuesday each week, it does that automatically. When the system is active, the order form is locked, and a custom message is displayed that can be customized from the admin panel.

- Simple yet compelling Stock Manager, it counts all stocks, decrements stocks when someone places an order, or restocks when the order gets canceled or deleted. It will also set some boundaries to the quantities so visitors won't order more than the stock amount. Also, if the stock is exhausted, the system displays an image and disables ordering that particular product.

- Required Products plugin that will add the functionality to make some products required so your customers can only place an order once they order one of the required products. We can give an example of a razor and blades, you can set the razor as a required product, and if a customer wants to order a blade, they also have to order a razor. The system also gives you the ability to choose multiple products as required and set a minimum quantity. So customers will be able to choose which one to order (from our example, let's say you have more than one kind of a razor model, and ordering one of them will be enough).