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An order form that speeds up the ordering process by putting everything in single page. Supports multiple products with multiple categories.

Instant price & tax calculations. A great tax module that supports individual taxes per products as well as included & excluded taxes options to choose. Discount codes module that supports expiring, flat / percentage discounts that works with our tax module. Custom fields if you need to tailor the order form per your needs. And more...

Multi Product Order Form 2 - Mollie

Fast & Easy Installer

You don't need to edit any file. System will install itself automatically. Just upload the files with an FTP

Rimtay Software Fast Installer
Fast Installer - Multi Product Order Form 2 - Mollie

Key Features

  • Responsive, fast and simple design to speed up ordering process.
  • Multiple products with multiple categories.
  • PHP8 is supported.
  • Instant price & tax calculations, no need to hit any button to see order total.
  • Everything is on one page to speed up the process. No more old complicated multi step ordering process. With us everything is easy.
  • Custom fields for you to tailor order form. You can add textboxes, textareas or selectboxes. Make them required or optional. It is totally up to you. Make your changes on our easy to use admin panel.
  • No Discount, No Fun - now MPOF2 comes with a extensive discount module that supports time expiring discount codes, single use discount codes, usage limited discount codes with flat (fixed amount) or percentage discounts. And it works perfectly with our tax module.
  • Taxes? No Problem - Our tax module helps you to set different tax values per each product. You can hide taxes or make included or excluded taxes. (Imagine Europe and America)
  • Mollie Built-in - Just copy/paste your keys, and you will start accepting Mollie payments, right away. And it handles the rest automatically. You don't need to do anything.
  • Fast & Easy to Use Installer - Just get ready your database and mail accounts, the system will install itself, automatically.
  • Plugin system - We have a plugin system and bunch of plugins for you to use. They're easy to install and really fast.
  • Easy to use admin panel.
  • Fast mail notifications for both customer and author.
  • Product images with Lightbox
  • Product thumbnails.
  • Multi language support.
  • Cache module.
  • Simple yet powerful dashboard for tracking orders & payments.
  • And many more

Multi Product Order Form Custom Fields are Supported

Mollie Support

With the latest Mollie API you can charge your customers easily.

Admin Panel Demo

Click here to see the demo of admin panel.
Username: admin Password: rimtay