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System supports thumbnails and product images. So if you upload a thumbnail image (Recommended Size: 100x100px, but it's not forced). System will firstly load thumbnail images on the Order Form. And if a client decides to click to the image, the real Product Image will be loaded.

So in order to reduce file loads, it's recommended to upload 100x100px thumbnails to the system.

If there is no thumbnail images, system will load the real product image. And resize it with css.

Product Images

Can be real, full resolution product images. System will not load them firstly if there are thumbnails.

Lightbox system is enabled so users don't need to change their page in order to see these images.

Language Support

System supports multiple languages and detects user's language according to their browser. So If there is a language file for their language. System will automatically changes to that language.

Adding A New Language

Adding a new language is easy. Just locate to your Rimtay/lang/ directory and copy en.php file to translate. You need to rename your file with 2-letter language code. (tr for Turkish, de for German etc.)

Change Language Manually

If you want to change the language automatically you can add ?lang=[language code] parameter to your domain.

For example with our demo page;

Customizing Mail Templates
Last Updated: 25 Jan 2023