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Invoice / Estimate / Proposal Sendings

When you send an invoice / estimate / proposal from admin dashboard, while sending the emails, TayBetterSMS will also trigger SMS messages to all contacts that has enabled the notifications of that particular event.

This means that you can use the default "Send" buttons in PerfexCRM to send both emails and SMS messages, whether you're creating or viewing it.

Birthday Messages

  • When the module is activated, it will check if you have a custom field for birthdays in your contacts. If not, it will create one for you.
  • You can then edit your contacts and add their birthdays. The year is not important, but the day and month fields will be used to send birthday SMS messages.
  • The module will automatically inject itself into the cron job and send birthday SMS messages to all active contacts who have their birthdays set and a valid phone number. The cron job will only run at 9:00, 11:00, and 13:00.
  • After sending an SMS message, the system will update a special custom field for that contact. This will prevent any other birthday SMS messages from being sent to that contact in the future.

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    Last Updated: 03 Aug 2023
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